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5 Good Workouts For Mornings to Live Healthy Life

In a previous article in which we discussed “7 Important & Fun Things to Do in the Morning”, we touched on the importance of light physical exercise. It’s a morning hobby a lot of people find to be beneficial, in large part because it “wakes you up,” so to speak.

While it can be difficult to get started, wrapping up a morning workout leaves you feeling sharp and ready to face the day.

It also happens to be an efficient approach with regard to physical health. In particular, as a Time Magazine write-up on exercise made note of a few years ago, morning workouts have the edge when it comes to burning fat efficiently, and controlling appetite throughout the day.

5 Good Workouts For Mornings to Live Healthy Life

Good Workouts For Mornings

Exercise in the morning draws on fat reserves for energy and sets your metabolism on track for the day ahead.

With all of this in mind, we want to expand on the general idea of fitting in some morning exercise by highlighting a few specific workouts to try.

  1. Stretching Routine

Stretching is a good way to wake the body up, get your circulation flowing, and prepare your joints and muscles for the day ahead. Plus, it’s usually a little easier to get into right when you roll out of bed than some other forms of exercise! As to what you should put into the routine specifically, SymptomFind’s blog post on flexibility stretches does a nice job of outlining some basic exercises that you can always build on if you want to.

A few examples are calf and quad stretches, which are great for warming up –– especially if you walk a lot during the day, or you’re planning a morning run as well.

This is crucial as it helps decrease the risk of getting injured during those long walks. Gentle neck and shoulder stretches will also help to “loosen you up” for the morning, so to speak.

  1. Yoga Routine

If you want to take the idea of stretching a little further, the relaxing yet physically demanding practice of yoga is always a good option. Beyond physical stretching, yoga is also about focusing your mind, posture, and energy together in a complete mind-body connection.

You consciously tell your body which direction to go, then engage your muscles to control your balance and hold the posture – your breathing being linked to every movement along the way.

If done correctly, it can be a tremendous exercise for the mind and body alike, and a few things will help you start your day feeling fresher.

  1. Zumba Dance Workout

For a bit more of an energy boost, you can always try a Zumba dance workout as well. These aerobic exercise routines are excellent forms of cardio that are guaranteed to get your heart pumping (and sweat pouring). There are also different types of Zumba programs to choose from, each with specific areas of focus. For example, some of them are designed to hone in on the abdominal core and burn fat, while others integrate weights to tonearm and leg muscles. In any case, though, Zumba is a high-intensity, high-energy workout that will definitely wake you up.

  1. Running Routine

Running is a very convenient morning exercise because it can be done just about anywhere, by yourself or with your friends. It’s also one of the best cardio exercises you can do, no matter which type of running you ultimately opt for.

It is up to you whether you feel like jogging at a slow, relaxing pace, running up some hilly terrain, or challenging yourself with push sprinting.

Just remember that so long as you can handle it, it’s probably good for you; The New York Times pointed to a study not long ago that indicates there is no upper limit to the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. That doesn’t apply only to running, but it certainly supports the notion that running as regularly as you’re able to will do you good!
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  1. HIIT Workouts

This type of exercise is for hardcore workout enthusiasts who want a physical challenge early in the morning. High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, represents a great way to burn a lot of calories, get nice and sweaty, and start the day with a sense that you “got after it,” as many like to say.

Specifically, HIIT workouts incorporate alternating short bursts of explosive routine exercises with short recovery periods. The routine exercises may include jump squats, push-ups, or mountain climbers, to name a few. Whatever the exact routine you follow through, you’ll be sure to get your heart pumping.


Exercise is good for everybody. And whether it is in the form of stretching, cardio, or intense workouts, there is likely a productive exercise routine that will fit you, your needs, and your lifestyle. So consider the ideas above, and see if you can figure out a way to work one (or even a few) into your morning schedule. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

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