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Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes and Hacks | 2022 Edition

Cookie clicker is one of the free clicker games which mainly provides millions of incremental fun. Also, the game is developed by Julien Orteil Theinnot and this game is only played on the web browser. There are some cookie clicker cheat codes and hacks which simply help the users to enhance their experience of the user which we are going to discuss in this article. 

One of the main reasons why players prefer to implement the cookie clicker hacks is that they will get tired of trying to end this game just because it will take more than 100 hours to get completed. So, apart from completing the huge incremental gameplay, the players will prefer to simply perform the hacks in order to unlock all the achievements of this game.

Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes

Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes

If you are one of those users who love to get shortcuts to be to the destination then keep reading this article till the end in a careful manner. 

What Are Some Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes?

Here we are going to share some of the cookie clicker cheat codes which you must need to know. Simply check out all of them to know more about it. 

Purpose Cheat Code
Add Cookies to Your Current Cookie Supply Game.cookies= Game.cookies + <cookie amount>;
Ascend Game.Ascend(1);
Build Ascend Tree Game.BuildAscendTree();
Calculate Gains Game.CalculateGains();
Change Ascend Timer Game.AscendTimer=<time>;
Change Mouse Pointer Game.mousePointer=0;
Change Your Milk Game.Milk = <amount>;
Change Your Milk Progress Game.milkProgress = <milk amount>;
Change Your Mouse Cookies Per Second Game.computedMouseCps=<mouse cookies per second amount>;
Change Your X# Buy Amount Game.buyBulk=<1/10/100>;
Check if User Has Achievement Game.Has(‘<achievement name>’);
Compute Mouse Cps Game.computedMouseCps;
Debug Prestige Game.DebuggingPrestige=false;
Debug Upgrades Cps Game.DebugUpgradeCpS();
Get +10 Lumps Game.gainLumps(<amount of lumps>);
Get 1k Cookies Game.cookies/=1000;Game.cookiesEarned/=1000;
Get All Debugs Game.GetAllDebugs();
Get All Upgrades Game.SetAllUpgrade(1);
Hard Reset Game Game.HardReset(2);
Load Local Save Game.LoadSave(local);
Load Save Game.LoadSave();
Max Specials Game.MaxSpecials();
Refresh Bakery Name Game.bakeryNameRefresh();
Remove All Shimmers Game.killShimmers();
Remove Game Popup Notifications Game.popups=0;
Reset Game Game.SesameReset();
Reset X# Buy Amount Game.buyBulk=Game.buyBulkOld;
Ruin the Fun (Unlock Everything) Game.RuinTheFun(1);
Save Save Game.localStorageGet(Game.SaveTo);
Sesame on/off Game.sesame=0;
Set Dragon Level Game.dragonLevel=<level>;
Set Santa Level Game.santaLevel=<level>;
Set Your Bakery Name Game.bakeryName=”<bakery name>”;
Set Your Cookie Count Game.Earn(<cookie amount>);
Set Your Cookies Per Second Game.cookiesPs=<cookies per second amount>;
Track Milk Timer Timer.track(‘milk’);
Turn on Debug Timers/off Game.debugTimersOn=0;
Unlock Achievements Game.Achievements[‘<achievement name>’].won=1;
Unlock All Achievements Game.SetAllAchievs(1);
Unlock an Achievement Game.Win(‘<achievement name>’);
Update Particles Game.particlesUpdate();

Some famous Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes:

  • Game.Earn(number)
  • Game.cookies=Infinity;
  • Game.cookies=number
  • Game.cookiesPs=number
  • Game.lumps=number
  • Game.RuinTheFun();

How to Imply Cookie Clicker Cheat Codes?

You need to know that the users can simply be able to enter the codes on their main interface and they need to simply open the URL inspection page and then they need to use it in terms to imply the code. If you don’t know about the process then you can simply follow the steps which we are going to share below. 

  • At the time of playing the cookie clicker, you have to simply press the following key which completely depends upon your operating system. 
  • In the windows device, you need to simply click on the F12 key. 
  • Also, on the mac device, you need to make click on the Command + Option + J button. 
  • Now, simply navigate into the console section on the inspection page. 
  • Then, you have to type the particular cheat code and then click on the enter button. 
  • At last, you simply need to save the implementation changes. 

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Final Verdict

So, we have discussed all the details about cookie clicker cheat codes and hacks. If this article is helpful for you and helps you to gather all the useful details about this game then do share this article with other people so that they also get benefited with this article.

Also, if you are having any issues or queries related to this article then feel free to connect with us by simply dropping a comment in the below-given comment section.

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