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2 Cat Breeds – One is Affectionate and The Other Social

Cat Breeds – Cats come in numerous different breeds, some are large, while others are small, and they also differ in their temperament as well as their skills and colours. Some people would rather keep cats as pets than dogs, as the consensus is that cats are low-maintenance, and largely an independent animals, and as such, they are probably the perfect pets to have for those who are too busy during the day to look after them and can cuddle with them at night, after a long day of work.

2 Cat Breeds – One is Affectionate and The Other Social

Cat Breeds

If you are one of those people who love these four-legged creatures and are looking to add him or her as part of the family, we’ve done some work for you and chosen 2 of the most affectionate of the lot, so you can be sure to appreciate their company, and vice versa, when you get home.

Chartreux – The Affectionate One

Also known as a ‘polite cat’ the Chartreux, if you haven’t already guessed it, hail from France. It is one of the rare breeds and is a large and muscular type of cat. Similar to most cats they have fast reflexes and can catch a rodent within a split second. Their double coats make them one of the cuddliest felines to have around. Not to mention, they do need good grooming now and then, here’s how to do just that.

They are good-looking cats with a coat that comes in a few specific colours, mainly hues of grey, and their eyes are just as beautiful with a deep orange tint. The expression on their face looks like they’re constantly smiling, because of their full cheeks and broadhead. 

Even though they may look muscular, they are gentle creatures, with friendly personalities to match. They are not known to make too much noise, or to be loud and are quite the patient feline who will wait for his owner to come home play with him and feed him. The reason they are called polite cats is that they are mostly well-behaved and don’t mind the company of others, even strangers around them. They can get along with people of any age from young children to seniors.

If you’re not careful they can become highly attached to their human companion and will want a lot of attention and affection in return. The fact that they do not make that much noise means that you may hear a small chirping sound coming from them, so while they are still kittening, it is advisable to look after them and keep them close by in case anything happens like they get hurt or are bullied by any other pets in the home. 

They are easy to train and will get along with other furies in the home as well, plus they like being picked up. Overall, they win our top list for friendly and affectionate cats that most first-time owners can consider keeping.  

Sphynx – The Social One

The opposite of the Chartreux is the Sphinx. This cat loves to be the life of the party and is a very social breed. They love being in the spotlight and as long as the attention is on them constantly, they are happy. They can be lively and chatty and get along well with their owners and adopted family, but the majority of them dislike being picked up. There is one thing you should know about them though, if you’ve never had one, get ready for a lot of TLC – tender, loving care.

These hairless felines need to be carefully handled and kept away from harsh weather conditions, such as hot sun or cold wind and snow. They would benefit from staying clothed, using a cat jacket or sweater during the winter months. 

Their skin can be sensitive and needs to be washed at least once a week as it can get oily and dirty very quickly – this is why we recommend keeping them as indoor pets as opposed to letting them go out for a stroll and play with other pets in the neighbourhood. Some caring tips can be found here:

These are some of the best breeds to keep if you have cat allergies but have never been able to keep one. even though they look old, because of all the wrinkles on their skin, they are kind and affectionate, and strong enough to play with you whenever the need arises. What’s a great advantage is their hair won’t get anywhere on your clothes or furniture either.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is their diet. They will need an appropriate set of foods to keep them healthy and happy and possibly some additional supplements. If it’s too much for you to purchase their food, treats and supplements, the recommendation for these is to give them food items that already have everything they need in them. For instance, food with CBD in it, such as cat treats, can accompany their normal wet food and can be given to them a few times a day.

They can benefit from this as these types of foods, especially the ones sold on established online stores, can aid these types of cat breeds in providing them with a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals and the ones made from full spectrum hemp extracts also have other vital ingredients such as salmon, peas, chicken and oils that can keep their skin healthy and their internal systems working as they should.

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