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Brightcove Login – Full Steps of Brightcove Studio Login in 2021



Are you searching for the login process with the Brightcove login platform? The high approached online video platform for many users worldwide. Read the article throughout and you will be clear enough about your query for Brightcove Login Process.

Brightcove Login

Brightcove Login

  • Brightcove is an online platform for video-related work which provides the services like online editing with Brightcove Login, High-Quality video production via HTML5 Player, Live video stream feature, analyzing your video, Transcoding, and much more.
  • You can ask for a demo and also have the facility for a 30-days test trial free without any credit cards.
  • Its service is utilized in more than 70 countries about which certain media platforms have also boasted.
  • Brightcove logo itself will say about the Creativity of the site.

Brightcove Login – Step by Step

Brightcove Login

  • So, if you are already registered with the Brightcove account and have a problem with Brightcove login then, Follow these steps here:
  • First, you have to go to the Brightcove official site, and there in the top right corner of the page, you will find the sign in button.
  • Click on that button and you will be asked to choose the signing process for which dashboard.
  • If you want to sign in for video cloud then choose video cloud from it, if you want to go with Zencoder, then click on that.
  • Now after clicking on it, you will be taken to that particular sign-in page where you will be asked the following information.
  • Your Email address and related password for it.
  • After filling in those credentials, click on the sign in button below.
  • Now you are done with Brightcove Login and eligible for your account operation, Brightcove gallery login.

Brightcove Login – In Case You Forgot Password

On the sign in page itself, you will find an option stating forgot the password.

For both the sign in the portal of Brightcove Login (For Zencoder and Video cloud) you will be given the option of password recovery.

  • Click on that forgot password link on the page in order to recover your forgotten password.
  • You will be taken to another page and you have to feed your email address which you have registered during your account creation with
  • So, after filling in your email address, click on the continue button and you will be sent with password reset instructions in your mail what you have fed there.
  • Follow the instructions in order to reset your new password with

Brightcove Login – Registration process – Enrollment Guide

Brightcove Registration

When you want to login and want to access the service of Brightcove Login, first you have to register with it.

  • So in order to Enroll with Brightcove you just have to follow the steps.
  • First, you select the Brightcove player from the sign in button (i.e. Video cloud and Zencoder)
  • Then click on that and you will be taken to sign in page of
  • There you will find an option of sign up or register at here link.
  • Click on that link and you will be taken to another page where you will be asked for your information feed like your first and last name, Email address, and Password you want to create of login, your company, and your country.
  • Then you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the company and then click on Create my account button.

Brightcove Customer Support Centre

Brightcove Customer Support Centre

If you are facing any problem regarding the service understanding, sign up, Products, or any, and have complained or query you can contact Brightcove Login customer support department from the Talk to us button on the top right corner of the page.

You can either get direct voice support or support via query.

Service contact no. is mentioned on the page location wise, so you can go to the site and refer those for your easy touch.

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Final Verdict

From the above article, we have given you the details of the easy stepwise sign in process, Password recovery guide, Registration process, and even emergency customer support no. Hope it clears all your basic doubts about the Brightcove login and also about the site. If you find the above article helpful and informative. Drop your comment in the comment section below and update us with your feedback.

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