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7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know

Apex Legends has been a constant favorite among gameaholics for quite some time. The reason for it being the top favorite shooter game is the fast-paced style of Apex Legends, the multiple legends to choose from, and the strategic gameplay with these Best Apex Legends Tips

But like any other shooter game, to master Apex Legends, you need constant practice and some pro skills. It’s not always possible to start playing a game and master it at once. 

Therefore going through guides like this and knowing the tips and tricks really helps. Other than that, you can check out to get some insider hacks and cheats.

Best Apex Legends Tips

Best Apex Legends Tips

They are an additional helping hand in such games. For now, let’s focus on the seven best Apex Legends tips every aspiring player should know about the game. 

Top 7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know

  • Experiment with the legends 

Apex Legends has some unique characters called legends. There are a total of eight legends in Apex legends, and all come with their individual powers and abilities. Two out of these six legends are locked at the beginning of the game, which can be purchased. Or you can straightaway pick any of the other six characters and start the game. 

As each of them has its unique gaming ability, you need to pick the one that will suit your playing style the most. In order to understand which legend’s gaming style will suit you the best, you should try playing with each one of them in the beginning. 

  • Don’t jump in between a fight

Jumping in between a fight is not the right thing to do in Apex Legends. Although different movements might help you during a fight in the game, the same is not true for jumping. If you jump in between a battle using the space key, it makes you an easy target for the enemies. 

While you will be in the air suspended while shooting, your enemies get a fair chance of easily shooting you. So avoid jumping between fights; rather, you can try crouching or strafing. 

  • Master the basics 

Apex Legends is although a bit different, yet it is a Battle Royale game. Therefore knowing the basics of the Battle Royale game is important to go ahead in Apex Legends as well. 

You need to know the basics like when to jump off in the game, along with your squad needs to decide a place to land. As soon as you touch the ground, you have to start searching for weapons, loot and start killing your enemies. 

  • Get used to a weapon 

Like the legends, you have to get used to playing with a weapon. There are multiple weapons in Apex Legends, and each of them has its pros and cons. The damaging capacity of each weapon is also different. Getting used to a weapon that matches your playing style is vital, and every player should know it. 

You should practice with two different types of weapons. For instance, a shotgun is great for close-range shooting, and an assault rifle is great for shooting everywhere else. Similarly, pick a combination of weapons that help you in the majority of situations. 

  • Use the ping system 

The Ping system is one of the best features in Apex Legends that saves you and your squad in different situations. The ping system eliminates the need for using voice chat. With the ping system, you can agree with suggestions, mark where you want to go, mark loot locations, and also point at enemy locations. 

To call out the enemy location, you need to double-tap the ping button. This saves from awkward shouting and giving instruction to your squadmates whenever you want to inform them about enemy locations. 

  • Use Grenades Whenever Possible 

In Apex Legends, you will get three types of grenades. These are- frag, arc star, and thermistors. All three grenades have different uses and attacking patterns. Grenades can force enemies to come out of their hidden spots, and you will be able to wipe them out easily. Therefore make sure to use grenades whenever possible during the game. 

  • Stay connected to the team

In Apex Legends, you play in a team of three players. Staying connected to teammates can make or break a deal for you. Hence, make sure the team communicates among themselves about crucial decisions in the game. 

Also, making a strategy before entering the game will really benefit you. Like said above, use the ping system to keep the communication going in the team and alert each other about enemy movements and activities. 


The above mentioned are the seven best Apex Legends tips every player should know about the game. Hopefully, this guide could throw some light on important tips and tricks about the game. For more such posts, stay tuned!

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