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AltStore iOS 15 App Store to Download iOS Apps on Mac, iPhone, Windows

Hello! Everyone, today we will discuss AltStore iOS 15 App Store IPA for iPhone & iPad. As you know that Cyder Impactor is not now working for downloading IPA Apps on your iOS Device. AltStore is the best replacement for the Cyder Impactor to install IPA files for your iPhone & iPad. 

AltStore iOS 15 App Store

AltStore iOS 15

You can simply follow our procedures step by step to install the AltStore sideloader on your device.

About Altstore:

AltStore is a third-party installer App and full of advanced features by which you can interact with another person on Social Networks with help of an iOS Device.

You can directly sideload your IPA file on your iPhone or iPad without using your PC. it has also the feature of auto-renewal of Apps certificates after a week or 7 days.

The first time, you will need your computer or MAC to install the AltStore sideloader of IPA file on your iOS Device like iPhone or iPad. After that, you can download any IPA file directly on your iPhone. 

You can also use a sideloader tool named Sideloadly to drag and drop your IPA file easily.

How to Install AltStore Sideloader on Your iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

You have to download some mandatory files before installing the AltStore Sideloader from the links. You can follow the whole process step by step to install Altstore on your iOS Device:

Some Essentials Required before Installing AltStore:

  • iOS 12.2 – iOS 15 running.
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPad.
  • MAC or Windows.

You have to Download Some required Files before installing AltStore:

  • AltStore for MAC
  • AltStore for Windows

Install AltStore for Windows 11:

  1. You have to download iTunes and iCloud on your computer at very first.
  2. Now, you can download the AltStore sideloader for windows on your computer.
  3. Abstract the Zip file of the AltStore on your device.
  4. You have to complete the process of installation of the AltStore by running the setup.exe file on your PC.
  5. Now, you have to connect your PC with your iOS Device with the help of a USB Cable to trust your device.
  6. You have to launch iTunes on your device.
  7. Click on the Device option present on the top left side of the home screen.
  8. You have to tick the checkbox of “Sync with this (Device) over Wi-Fi” by opening the Summary.
  9. Now, tap on the Apply button.
  10. Click on the AltStore by opening the Toolbar of the windows.
  11. Choose your iOS device in which you want to install AltStore and then install it on your device.
  12. Now, you have to enter your Apple ID by using your login credentials.
  13. After doing this, the AltStore starts installing on your chosen iOs Device.
  14. You have to change the general settings of your iOS Device by clicking Settings > General > profiles > Device Management.
  15. Now, you have to trust the App profile.

You can try this method to the AltStore sideloader to download your IPA file on your iOS Device by using your PC.

Install AltStore for MAC OS:

  1. You can download the AltStore server from the link for your MAC OS.
  2. You can install the AltStore on your MAC OS.
  3. You have to choose and install the Mail Plug-in option after launching the AltStre on your device.
  4. After completing the process of installation, you have to select your preferred option by clicking on the Mail present in the Menu Bar.
  5. You have to click on the Manage Plugins.
  6. Enable the AltPlugin.mail bundle and then apply it.
  7. You to restart your Mail.
  8. To trust your device, you have to connect your iPhone with your MAC OS.
  9. You to enable the option of iTunes Wi-Fi Sync for your MAC after launching iTunes.
  10.  Select and install the AltStore by opening the Menu Bar and then choose your iOS Device.
  11. You can see the installation process of the AltStore on your iOS Device.
  12. You to change the general settings of your device by clicking on Settings > General > profiles > Device Management to trust the file of installed AltStore.

You can also try this simply another method to install AltStore on your MAC OS  device.

How to Install IPA Files Using AltStore on your iPad, iPhone?

You can follow these processes step by step to install your IPA files by using Altstore iOS 15 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod:

  1. You have to download the IPA file first to install IPA files by using the AltStore iOS 15.
  2. You can find out various IPA Game files available on the IPA Library.
  3. You can launch the AltStore after downloading your chosen IPA file on your device.
  4. You have to press the “+” icon present in the left top corner from the AltStore present in the Apps Section.
  5. Select the IPA file of your choice whatever you want to install on your device.
  6. You can see the installing process of the IPA file by entering your Apple credentials like your Apple ID and Password.
  7. You can launch or run the App after installing it from the section of “My Apps” or directly from the home screen of your iPhone.
  8. All the apps which is installed through the Altstore expired in 7 days automatically that thing you should keep in your mind while using it.
  9. You can renew or refresh the apps lists after 7 days through the AltStore present in the apps section.
  10. To renew the app’s lists tap on the button presented nearby any app for the next 7 days.

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Final Verdict:

You can read our whole guide on installing AltStore iOS 15 App Store IPA for iPhone & iPad. You can also read different methods of installing IPA files through the AltStore for your Windows, Mac OS and follow the same steps are mentioned above to install IPA files on your iOS device without any hustle.

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