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Registeryourninja com – Register for Ninja Accessory Offer

Have you just brought a Ninja product home? Now want to register guarantee on official website Registeryourninja com then follow procedure.



Registeryourninja com – Register for Ninja Accessory Offer – People who had purchased Ninja products have to register their Ninja Shark products online at Registeryourninja com.

By registering your product online for any warranty and guarantee purpose you can claim a warranty or guarantee on time and get many benefits like a replacement, exchange, or repair. Etc. of their products.

Registeryourninja com

Registeryourninja com

Registeryourninja com

Mark Rosenzweig is the founder of Shark Ninja. Shark Ninja started in Canada, Montreal, and Needham, Massachusetts.

Register for Ninja Accessory Offer at Registeryourninja com

Spare you some time to register your Ninja Shark products online for a warranty or guarantee to get their benefits.

 Follow these simple steps to complete your product registration in just a minute:

  1. You have to visit Ninja’s official website.
  2. Redirect this site by clicking on the link.
  3. Now, you have to click on the www Registeryourninja com link to register your product online.
  4. Then, fill up all the details provided by this link.
  5. Fill up your First name in the field.
  6. Fill up your Last name.
  7. Enter your correct E-mail address.
  8. Now, enter the Postal code of your area.
  9. Mention the Product type in the field.
  10. Enter the Model number of your product.
  11. Also mention the Serial number of your product.
  12. Now, you have to enter the purchase date of your product.
  13. Choose the name of your country from where you purchased that product.
  14. Enter your correct contact number.
  15. Finally, click the orange-colored OK button to submit your application to register your Shark Ninja product online.

Accessory Offer Benefits of Registering your Ninja Products at Registeryourninja com

  1. You can get many benefits by registering your product online on the official website of Shark ninja at Registeryourninja com.
  2. You can register your product for a warrant in very easy steps.
  3. Registering your product means you have easy access to claim any warranty or guarantee if you get ant defect or the wrong product.
  4. You can easily return or exchange any defective product.
  5. Also, you can shop for any product accessories online.

Ninja Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • Warranty on your product from 1-7 years. You can choose one option in them for your product.
  • Shark Ninja also offers a Life Time VIP Warranty.
  • Refurbished Product Limited Warranty for 90 days.
  • Refurbished Product Limited Warranty for 180 days.
  • The Shark Ninja also offers both facilities of Replace as well as Refurbish your product.

NinjaKitchen Customer Service

If you want to claim or have any problem regarding your Ninja product then you can contact their customer service. You can contact in these ways:

  • 9 Am to 9 PM EST- Monday to Friday
  • 9 AM to 6 PM EST- Saturday

How to Contact NinjaKitchen Customer Support Team

  • Customer Care Number:- 1-866-826-6941
  • Email ID:- 

For Product Care And Maintenance Self Help

This customer service helps you in upgrading your Warranty, Claim of your product. etc.

If you want to claim your product Warranty then you have to call their customer care service. They will tell you about all the procedures for how to Return your Ninja product to claim. You should have proof or any receipt of that purchased product you want to claim. 

Mailing List Signing Up

The signing Up option is located at the bottom of the Application of Registration for Mailing List. You can sign up after entering your Email address. Registered members get many offers on Ninja products.

Also Learn:

About SharkNinja

SharkNinja is one of the innovators of the houseware industry and they mainly focus on customer satisfaction. SharkNinja created a loyal and passionate following which will continue to get 5-star ratings on the products.

Also, the customer focus enabled the shark to simply become one of the top brands in the vacuum cleaners and the Ninja became the market leader in terms of the kitchen products. 

Other Benefits of Registering Your Ninja Products

By registering your ninja product, you will be able to get lots of benefits like you will get the access to the warranty option and also you will get special accessory offers and special sales and the new products as well. 

If you complete the ninja registration and create a new My SharkNinja account then you will be able to get fast product support. Also, you can excerpt the quick customer support and it is really easy for you to navigate through your account.

You can easily be able to access the troubleshooting options and also product care instructions. Also, you can be able to buy the Ninja accessories and the parts replacement in a quick time. 

You will also become the first customer to know about the special promotions with SharkNinja. 

How to Find My Model Number On NinjaKitchen Products?

There are three major methods that help you to find out the model number of your ninjakithcen product. 

  • First, you can be able to check out your box and on the bottom side of your box, you can also see the model number near the bar code that appears on the box. 
  • You can also be able to check out the base of the product where the motor is placed and it also has the rating label which shows your product model number. 
  • Also, check out your manual owner’s book and on that book, you will be able to find out the model number of your products which appears on the front cover of the instruction booklet.

Final Verdict:

So now you have the complete information on Registeryourninja com where you can register your product and grab the guarantee to secure your product’s life.

If you still have any queries then let me know in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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